These wine tastings are tried and true.  

Always a hit with your guests, 

economical - and high entertainment value. 

Offered in Calgary and area.

Let's talk about your favorite bottle

bottle and cork screw

Your guests bring their favourite, go to bottles of wine. The Sommelier will serve and explain what is unique about each one,  including their style, grapes, region and pairing potential. 

Most importantly, the Sommelier will suggest other wines  your guests may want to explore based on their selection.

Entertaining and casual.  This wine tasting is easy to organize, economical and super fun

Value Wines

several bottles of wines

Many factors influence the cost of wines and knowing about them can help you find killer deals. 

We will taste six wines and discuss what makes them such great value.  You  will also learn a few easy tips to find similar deals on your next visit to the wine shop. 


red wine glasses, toast

We will share the secrets of a successful marriage with the fiance...

This first involves sampling great wines and learning about them. Then, inspired by the moment, we will get serious and "advise" the bride on romantic and suggestive uses of wines, or not.

Come prepare to share your best tips.

Oh! La! La!  

All About Red Wines

wine tasting set up

 Red wines are made from a wide variety of grapes, have several styles and are available at all price points. Some must be drunk young, while  others require years of careful cellaring. 

We will taste contrasting red wines from selected wine regions in the New and Old Worlds.  The goal is to provide you with a few reference points and tips to assist you on your next visit to the wine shop. 

Wines and Chocolates

box of fine chocolates

Treat  yourself to an ultimate hedonistic experience; 

wine and chocolate. 

Learn the art of pairing white, dark and milk chocolates with  white, red, sweet and fortified wines for an unforgettable sensory experience.

Oh! And forget about the calories.  

It is just for one night.

Definitive Answers to Your Wine Questions


What are the legs on glass? 

What does  "Old World" and "New World" means?

How can I preserve an open bottle?

What should I do when the waiter open a bottle at the restaurant? 

Should I rely on  the star or points rating systems when shopping for wines?

Do sulfites give  headaches?  

What are tannins?

Sit back, relax, sip, and get answers on all the questions you are dying to ask. 

What's in a private Wine Tasting

We offer  tastings in increments of 10 guests, and we sample  on average,  six labels.

If you have more guests, this is not a problem.  We adjust by increasing the number of bottles per label.  

We carefully curate the wines for each theme and price the tasting to offer you the best value possible.

We come prepared with wines, tasting glasses and all  that is necessary for your tasting.

We can add food, a wine tasting game or prizes, or any other extra. 

Our goal is to make your tasting a memorable success and introduce you to Tasting Pleasures.

What you do:
You select a tasting, discuss the extra with us, if any, pick and reserve a date, and invite your guests. 

We do the rest. 


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