Can't find a tasting in our selection that tickles your fancy? 

Then this  section is for you.  We customize to your specifications, including choice of  locations, the number of guests, tasting theme, wine selection, food pairing and more.

Once you have an idea of what you want to do, give us a call and, we will design your perfect tasting. 


Decide on a tasting themes

First, decide on a theme. 

Do you want to explore a specific region? Style? Do you want a wine tasting to help celebrate an anniversary?  Do you want the tasting to be formal, informal, entertaining, technical ? You are not sure what? Let's chat.

Determine the number of guests, date, and location

 How many guests are you expecting? 

Are we tasting in a private home, business setting or other public venues?  

What is Your Budget

How many wines do you want to taste? 

What price point do you want your wines to be?  

Do you want to pair food with the wines? Include a tasting game? Blind tasting? 

All those elements will help us develop a quote that works for you. 

Wine and Beyond - a few ideas to inspire your next tasting

A Guided Tasting of Your Wine Collection


The ultimate gift to your friends and family; a guided tasting of your wine collection.  

Our Sommelier will  introduce and pour your selection of wines complete with a short talk on the grapes, style, region, wineries. She will also share fun and informative anecdotes on the wine on hand and answer your questions. 

Wine tastings outside the box

Cheers! wine tasting

Tastings can be done in many unique settings and in conjunction with a variety of complimentary activities. 

Have fun and indulge in an extra special tasting: 

  • Hike and Wines
  • Yoga and Wine Mindfulness
  • Trail riding/backcountry wine tasting
  • Cooking lessons and wine pairing

The Crème de la crème

formal wine dinner set up

Ultimate indulgence!  

Culinary bliss! 

Treat your guests to an intimate dinner prepared and curated by your private chef and sommelier for the evening.

For Your Wine Clubs

wine tasting group

Indulge in a tasting with a visiting winery representative,  winemakers, or winery owners.

Taste an agent's wine portfolio

Offer a series of wine workshops on selected wine themes.

Private wine tours

picking grapes in a vineyard

This is what is so cool about a private wine tour: 

  • Your  tour is designed based on your group's needs and interests
  • Private sommelier manages the logistics of the tour
  • Privileged behind the scene visits of wineries
  • Meet winemakers or winery owners
  • The private  sommelier is on hand throughout the trip to answer all your viticultural questions