Corporate and Community Wine Tastings

Wine tasting is the perfect way to say thank you to your staff, clients, volunteer or community.  The personal touch in planning a tasting will go a long way to express your gratitude and goodwill.  It is a Chic thing to do. It is engaging, builds teams, encourage networking and is a whole lot of fun.  

Examples of Wine Tastings

Celebrate the Holiday Season

Blind tastings games. Selection of food and wine pairings options. Tasting a selection of curated  wines to inspire your guests over the holiday.  Wine can either be front and center or play a supporting role with style in your next business or community holiday event. 

Team Building

Small teams go from one table to another to identify the primary aromas in a blind tasting and come up with  group answers. 

Teams are challenged to pair food and wines in front of them and rationalize their decisions. 

The sommelier engages the staff in an informative and fun tasting, initiating them to the art of wine tasting,  encouraging discussions and self-discovery.

Client Appreciation and Volunteer Recognition

Give a wine tasting gift certificate 

Offer a basket of quality wines. 

Organize a sit-down tasting of fine wines.

Have a cocktail hour showcasing a fine selection of  wine complete with cheese and chocolates.

Community Programming

Include a wine tasting in your program. Better yet, include a series of tastings in your program.   

Enhance your next fundraiser with a tasting. 

Encourage the attendance of your next annual general meeting  - offer a complimentary tasting.

Incorporate a tasting in  your next meet and greet event.

How it works

These tastings are fully customized.   They can be formal, informal, engaging, simple, budget-minded or not.  We strive to understand your  corporation or community's  needs and go from there.  

We  organize wine tastings where and when and for as many people as you want with the flair you expect of us.  We also understand  that not everyone wants or can drink wines.  Provision is made to cater to their needs and make them feel fully included.   


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